All Terrain Vehicles

training_certificateDENOTES CERTIFICATE

Certificate in Basic Training.
Suitable for users in a wide range of industries and work environments.

• Agriculture
• Building sites
• Forestry
• Golf/Country clubs
• Industrial sites
• Leisure centres
• Local authorities
• Shows and events
• Stables/Farms


• how to avoid accidents
• what to do in an emergency
• how to get the best from your machine in different conditions
• understand relevant legal requirements and how to meet them.


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Used safely, ATVs, or quad bikes, are very versatile machines with many uses. A whole range of attachments, including sprayers, spreaders and trailers, make them more flexible and an effective commercial tool.
Even experienced ATV riders can find themselves in hazardous and dangerous situations. Serious accidents can and do happen without proper training.

Training is a legal requirement. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) require employers to provide adequate training and to ensure that ATVs are used only by employees who have the appropriate training in using them safely, including towed equipment and attachments. If you are self-employed, the regulations still apply.




training_certificateSIT – ASTRIDE ATVs

including Loads and Trailed Equipment (Novices)

• Use of manufacturer’s handbook
• Protective clothing
• Transmissions and Drives
• Controls and Instruments
• Daily Checks/Re-Fueliing
• Start/stop procedure
• Steering
• Emergency Stop
• Risk Assessment/Route Planning
• Failed Hill Climb techniques
• Ascent/Descent/Traversing
• Complex riding situations
• Limits of towing trailers/implements
• Loading capacities
• Causes of accidents/how to prevent them
• Daily Checks on all equipment
• Loading of racks/hitching up trailers
• Assessment of riding/hitching/loading.

training_certificateSIT – ASTRIDE ATVs

including Loads and Trailed Equipment (Experienced Operator)

One-day training and assessment course for a maximum of six people. This course is intended for people with evidence of prior training who require re-assessment of their skills and will include only minimal training.

training_certificateSIT – IN ATVs

One-day training and assessment course, maximum of three people

• Centre of gravity and stability
• Track profiles/transmission
• Legislation
• Multi wheeled vehicles
• Tracked vehicles
• Daily checks
• Starting procedure
• Safe driving techniques/parking
• Loading
•Use on a variety of terrain.


Recreational Use Only. One-day non-assessed course for a maximum of six people.

• Protective clothing
• Legal requirements
• Pre-start checks
• Move-off procedure
• Emergency stop
• Mounting and dismounting
• Braking and cornering
• Use of throttle and gears
• Steering and body position
• Safe parking and stopping
• Slope assessment
• Crossing obstacles, hills and slopes.